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Safety & Environment

Lynco Energy Services is a proud member of ISNetWorld, Avetta, and ComplyWorks. They observe and improve the environmental health standards of our program, so that we are up-to-date on all safety procedures. We are also “COR Certified” – reducing work-related injuries and the financial costs associated with them.

Lynco Energy Services has a complete Health and Safety Management System.

Our objective is to reduce work-related incidents and attain safety excellence in all aspects if our operations.

Our health and safety policies acknowledge that people at every level of our organization are our most important asset.

We all share in the responsibility to build a safe work environment and ensure that our hard-working men and women return home safe each and every day.

Communication and leadership are the keys to building and maintaining a safety culture. To achieve our safety commitments, Lynco Energy Services will:

  • Strive for excellence in its Health & Safety Management System throughout all projects, shops and offices.
  • Assess and manage risks for all individuals and its work sites.
  • Focus on identifying and assessing hazards, implementing measures to control hazards.
    Meet or exceed applicable legislated or other governing agency requirements.
  • Continuously improve by assessing and applying the industries best practices.
  • Provide the necessary resources (training, equipment, manpower).
  • Conduct inspections, investigations, and hold safety meetings with worker involvement to continuously improve our Health & Safety Management System.
  • Conduct daily tasks in a healthy and safe manner.

Our Vision

The protection of our communities and the environment in which we live is placed as a high priority for Lynco Energy Services. Our entire personnel are trained to “know their role”, based on a set of interventions in our Environmental Incident Response Plan. A team comprised of the Project Manager, Construction Manager/Supervisor, response Coordinator, and HSE Manager is responsible to implement our response plan. Appropriate training, and good communication maximizes efficiency of response and minimizes the significance of environmental impact.

Lynco Energy Services remains committed to the stewardship and protection of the land that we live and work on for the benefit of future generations.