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Fabrication Services

All services are backed up by our 10,000 square foot facility in Lloydminster to ensure that you get the repairs and new parts required as quickly as possible. We also offer general repair and refurbishment services. For more information contact us today

Lynco Energy Services specializes in fabrication and facility construction services at competitive prices for the industrial, oilfield and gas industry. Pipe Spooling, Modularization & Skid Packages, and Structural Steel. With our expanding facilities we can keep up with the demand for our steel fabrication and pipe fabrication service.

Lynco Energy Services can handle an entire range of your industrial, oilfield and gas piping installations and fabrication needs.

Fabrication Types include:

  • Process Piping (carbon & alloy)
  • Structural Steel
  • Module Construction
  • Pipe Spooling
  • Modularization & Skid Packages,
  • Structural Steel

Pipe Spooling

Lynco Energy Services has the ability to fabricate any length of piping spools from small bore up to 48” diameter. Our facilities have been designed to accommodate concurrent FRP, Stainless Steel, PVC Jacketed, and steel piping fabrication to ensure material quarantine and minimize cross-contamination of metals. Our in-house technicians have the capacity to perform isometric drafting in AutoCAD or ACORN to supplement engineered drawings for any size or complexity of projects. Our internal NDT testing minimizes project down time, and ensures that products meet and exceed the specified requirements.

Our facilities are located for ease of access, and contain large laydown and marshalling areas allowing for efficient logistics coordination, and progressive release of materials to align with scheduled field installations.

Modularization & Skid Packages

Lynco Energy Services 35,000 sq ft shop offers a controlled environment to maintain the highest levels of quality, safety and productivity during module and skid package fabrication. Lynco Energy Services participates in Early Contractor Involvement (ECI) contracts to provide constructability reviews of preliminary engineered drawings for ease of shop fabrication, field installation and logistics.

Lynco Energy Services offers complete turnkey solutions to meet owner requirements. Our cross-functional team provides structural steel fabrication, mechanical equipment installation, piping fabrication and testing, painting and sandblasting, insulation, electrical and instrumentation installations. Functional testing is completed and commissioned within our facility prior to delivery. Coordination of logistics for delivery and installation is also available.

Structural Steel

Lynco Energy Services has the capacity to perform small to medium size structural steel fabrication.

Our 35,000 square foot facility allows structural assemblies to be fabricated and assembled across an open footprint to maximize shop fabrication and minimize field installation requirements.

Our technicians are also able to provide supplemental AutoCAD drawings to assist in field installation.