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Oil & Gas

Oilfield Service Offers:

  • Quality Control Programs
  • Large Modular Skid Plants
  • Construction and Modification of Oil and Gas
  • Facilities ranging in size from single oil well to SAGD Pads and Facilities, Pumping Stations and Pipe Racks.
  • Installation of Structural Steel for Skid Support and more.
  • Pipeline Construction, Well Maintenance/Crew Truck Services, Site Preparation & Reclamation

Pipeline Construction

Lynco Energy Services has the capacity and resources to fabricate and install small bore to large bore pipe up to 48” including site preparation, excavation, pipe handling, welding, sandblasting, painting, backfill and reinstatement. Our field staff has experience in installing various piping systems including steel, PVC Jacketed, HDPE, fiberglass (FRP), stainless, and pre-krete. Part of our maintenance service offering includes reclamation and repair of existing facilities including pipeline integrity digs.

Lynco Energy Services has a full fleet of equipment, systems, procedures and people to safely and productively execute our pipeline services. For more information contact us today.

Well Maintenance/crew Truck Services

Servicing our Oil &Gas production clients, Lynco Energy Services has available rotating crews and equipment out of regionally based offices with the ability to perform emergency call out services and preventative maintenance programs. Lynco Energy Services works with local suppliers and resources to ensure that we provide cost effective solutions to our clients. For more information contact us today.

Site Preparation & Reclamation

Lynco Energy Services has the available equipment and personnel required to perform site preparation and reclamation for fast-tracked projects. For more information contact us today.